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against the teen who stole his lamborghini. >> max wade is also facing attempted murder charges. >> wade shot at a girl and her then boyfriend in mill valley. wade was upset he did not have reman take feelings for him. there was a 15-year-old suspect, the boy carjacked a motor i was on 38th avenue. they spotted the car and when they tried to stop it, the boy crashed into a patrol car. he then drove off and crashed into a fence. >> he was able to run from officers. and in a fear by yard t. >> he was found under a car near west and 40th streets. >>> they confirmed the identity of the officer who killed someone. >> eric gilhouse has been a deputy for 24 hours. he is a firearms expert and veteran of the iraq war. it was gil house who shot this man with an allot weapon. >>> they are trying to determine if the police shooting in the marina district was sparked by a robbery. today the suspect who is not identifieded is in serious condition after being shotly police. >> he ran after them after pistol whipping near another man yesterday afternoon. >> they were forced to shoot him after he refused
's lamborghini. prosecutors say max wade stole a car to reject a girl and when she rejected him he fired shots at her and her boyfriend. yesterday, the chef testified that he never gave wade permission to take the vehicle and has decided to get rid of the luxury sports car. >>> protesters are gathering to gate ready for a rally to close the city's parks overnight. ktvu's cameras were in delores park this morning as protesters camped outovernight. they are angry over wiener -- scott wiener proposing to close the mark between 11:00 and 5:00 a.m. stl. >> we're here stand standing in solidarity with homeless san franciscans who oftentimes have no other place but our parks to sleep. >> protesters will be going into today's board meeting hoping to sway some of the supervisors who they say are on the fence. >>> ed lee and city officials held this ribbon cutting ceremony for the new 100-unit affordable housing project in the city's western edition neighborhood. the complex officially opened a few months ago. it was named after mary helen rogers, community activist. >>> burlingame police are asking fo
sentence, yesterday a jury found max wade guilty of auto theft and possessing a stolen carp, however he was only convicted for one of two attempted murder charges, he was found guilty of attempted murder for firing at a young man who was dating a girl he liked, but not for attempted murder of the girl. >>> a key senate committee wants to know how the man who killed 12 people last month at the washington navy yard received a security clearance, the committee held hearings today. family members say there were clear signs the contractor aron alexis was mentally ill but one said that was not the only flaw in the security process. >> now we know we have 8400 people with clearances that don't follow the law when it comes to paying their taxes and half of them have a top secret clearance, the american people ought to be asking what in the world is going on. >> he says tax debt makes these people vulnerable to being offered money or blackmailed into divulging government secrets. >>> exciting news for many airline passengers who will soon be able to use electronic devices during an entire flight
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3